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Stainless steel perforated, woven kitchen sink strainer

Kitchen sink strainer is a type of stainless steel perforated or woven colander or strainer used in kitchen to keep food particles and other debris from going down the drain, creating blockage.

As shown in the picture, the sink strainer is designed as double filtering in order that all waste can be fully filtered. Usually, the first strainer is designed like a wheel to let the water to pass smoothly and stop big waste on the surface. The second strainer is like a container with many holes on it, with which waste things can be concentrated here and prevent them from blocking the sewer.

A man’s hand is holding stainless steel woven mesh hole sink strainer

114mm out diameter and 70mm inner diameter woven kitchen sink strainer



Kitchen sink strainer is ideal for kitchen use to block food particles, vegetable leaves, peels and other waste stuff to prevent them blocking your sewer.

Stainless steel perforated sink strainer used in kitchen sink

Perforated mesh hole sink strainer used in kitchen sink

Perforated sink strainer in kitchen sink blocks food particles

Perforated sink strainer blocks food particles and rubbish in kitchen sink

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