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Sink strainer product list

Sink strainer is used to strain solid debris, food particles, hairs and waste. It allows water to pass through and prevents the waste clogging the pipes.

Perforated sink strainer allows water to pass through and stops food debris, hair, essential things clogging the drain in kitchen, bathroom sink.

Mesh sink strainer with mesh holes lets waste water pass through. Food debris, residue and essential items can not fall down and clog the sewer.

Basket sink strainer helps prevent unwanted food debris, hairs, residue and essential items falling down and blocking the drain.

Kitchen sink strainers allow water to pass through smoothly. Food particles and solid items can be blocked to prevent them clogging the pipes.

Stainless steel and brass bathroom sink strainer is mainly used in bathroom floor, basin sink, bathtub to block hair, soap scum and waste items.