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Sink strainers - perforated and mesh styles

Honesty & Faith Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. With more than ten years of experience, we have been producing and exporting sink strainers. Our sink strainers are mainly made of stainless steel and brass with chrome plated, silver, brass, gray, black painted surface. As for the producing technique, perforated sink strainers and mesh sink strainers are your best choices. They provide an ideal solution to cleansing your kitchen, bathroom, bathtub sinks.

Mesh sink strainer, perforated sink strainer, basket sink strainer and brass sink strainer.

What types of sink strainers do we supply?

According to producing technique

According to the shapes

According to applications

According to material and surface treatment

How to correctly understand sink strainer structure

Sink strainer is a part of a whole filter system. A complete filter system includes sink strainer, strainer body, plumbers putty, rubber washer, cardboard washer, locknut, tailpiece washer, tailpiece just shown in the picture.

How to choose the right sink strainers

There are various sink strainers in different patterns, materials and colors. Here are some suggestions for you about how to choose the right sink strainers.

Sink strainer - strainer basket, plumbers putty, rubber washer, cardboard washer, locknut, tailpiece washer and tailpiece

Sink strainer component parts

Our strength and advantages

High quality products
We produce high quality sink strainers. As for material, our sink strainers are made using high quality stainless steel and brass. All of the sink strainers have strong and robust structure. They can be used for long service life. As for surface treatment, sink strainers have chrome plated, powder coated and polished surface treatment, which makes sink strainers resist corrosion, rust, poisonous chemicals and heat.

Reasonable price & fast, safe delivery
Sink strainers are essential components in the complete set of sink appliance. They are tiny and the price is reasonable as well. The price is all based on the national charging standard. The price is acceptable, cutting your expenditure to a great extent. Before delivery, we promise that sink strainers are safely wrapped with plastic bags or blister cards in cartons. We assure that the products can be delivered timely with reasonable freight.

Satisfactory service
Serving customers is our company's principle. We can benefit a lot from them as well. On one hand, we enable to get advice from our customers. Based on their advice, we can learn how the products work and how to make our products more perfect to use. On the other hand, we can help customers analyze and solve the after-sale's problem and provide settlements for their trouble timely.

Furthermore, we can enhance our customers' satisfaction and our sales quantity improves as well.

Choose sink strainers in various colors of surface according to your needs
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Sink strainer is used to strain solid debris, food particles, hairs and waste. It allows water to pass through and prevents the waste clogging the pipes.

Perforated sink strainer allows water to pass through and stops food debris, hair, essential things clogging the drain in kitchen, bathroom sink.

Mesh sink strainer with mesh holes lets waste water pass through. Food debris, residue and essential items can not fall down and clog the sewer.

Basket sink strainer helps prevent unwanted food debris, hairs, residue and essential items falling down and blocking the drain.

The most popular products and specifications
Technology List

Here we introduce basic steps about how to install a sink strainer with simple tools in your home.